NEWS AIRAC 1704 (30 MAR 2017)

Implantation of AIRAC cycle 1704 means the withdrawal of all UQ airways in Europe. In preparation of a new ATC system several changes occur to the airway system in sector Düsseldorf (DLD). The air traffic flow inbound Belgium will now cross lower Airspace through ABAMI and NEREL instead of TOBIV and RASAS. This change required adjustments to Airways T853 and Y841. Opposite traffic will now be routed via ELDAR and ANAVI (Z727) towards IRBIP.

NEWS AIRAC 1703 (02 MAR 2017)

Small change, big difference! NOR, one of Germanys more important VORs, is being replaced by NVO that is located roughly 2,5nm to the west of the old position. The replacement forces many minor changes to procedures such as SIDs/STARs of EDDK, EDDL, EDFH, EDLN and airways M/UM170, Q760, T853, T857, UZ706 and Y841. Arrivals reaching EDDK from the west will now arrive at DEPOK instead of NVO (NOR) which therefore receives a new STAR. Siegerland (EDGS) SIDs also increment and the new arrival ERUKI from the west replaces NVO (NOR).

NEWS AIRAC 1613 (08 DEC 2016)

AIRAC 1613 brings another big change to Frankfurt as the BIBTI, MARUN and TOBAK departure routes now include two additional points along their course. More importantly though new STARs have been implemented for flights arriving PSA from the east similar to the design of the EMPAX STAR. LoAs have been changed accordingly as München ACC will now already clear the STAR before handing over arriving traffic. In favor of the new STAR T161 was deleted and T159 was relocated.

NEWS AIRAC 1612 (10 NOV 2016)

The November AIRAC marks a significant change in European airspace as Austria and Slovenia introduce a combined Free Route Airaspace. This will also affect German airspace as this change requires new entry points towards Austria called DEXIT, INPUL, PITAR, MODSA and GEDSO. Besides this major change to our neighbors, Frankfurt-Hahn receives another makeover with minor changes to tracks and upnumbered arrival and departure routes.

NEWS AIRAC 1611 (13 OCT 2016)

Cycle 1611 leaves area navigation routes and Bremen FIR almost unaffected, but brings some minor changes to Langen FIR along. Noteworthy Frankfurt (EDDF) receives a new STAR starting at EMPAX going through PSA establishing an arrival option from the south with a predefined descend profile. Minor changes to bearings lead to many incremented SID designators and completely new designed RNAV-1 departure routes out of Runway 18. Dortmund (EDLW) alters its ILS frequency for Runway 24 and follows the common modification to change the GPS to an RNAV approach.

NEWS 30 SEP 2016

After a few months of absence, we will now be able to release our popular Sector File on regular basis again. Obviously our latest version features Langen ACCs new sectors but also brings changes to Bremen ACC with the new delegated TENLI area in upper airspace. Besides the usual updates that occur after every AIRAC, Hamburg's ground layout was redesigned after the ICAO compliant renaming of taxiways as well as positions this summer. Latest changes of sectorisation required a different display of upper and lower airspace boundaries in order to enable clear distinction.

NEWS 24 SEP 2016

Effective with the first of October Langen ACC will experience significant restructuring and renaming of its sectors. Most certainly this will lead to modified lateral and vertical borders not only in between the Langen FIR but also to adjacent FIRs. Consequently, the Letter of Agreements were substantially revised and can now already be found in advance to the official release date for preparation purposes (see EDGG from 1 OCT 2016).

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